La Resto  is a place defined by our main philosophy - to keep things simple, tasty and create a home-like cozy atmosphere for our Restaurant's visitors.


"Coming to us for a lunch or a dinner should be just as comfortable, as having one at home. The simplicity, the freshness and reasonable prices on our dishes just underline how home-like our Restaurant is..."

meet our team

La Resto is a family owned Restaurant, that treasures the atmosphere just as much as the dining menu. We have gathered a strong team of professionals, all of whom aspire to constantly excel and step up!

Mary Neffedy, Thomas Palmer. Simon Wicked and Alan Smith are at the heart of everything we do here, at the La Resto contemporary Restaurant. This team has been assembled coming from absolutely different backgrounds. It's most noticeable when we compare Mary and her two sous chefs. Mary has been studying and working the art of cooking in Paris while Thomas and Simon had more local experience in the US Restaurants.

We're really proud to recognize that this menu consists of truly modern delicious food. Our menu is known by national dishes from different countries, mixed up and adapted to an American contemporary lifestyle.

By the way, each of our culinary talents focuses within their own specific kitchen department...

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Enjoy your fabulous virtual tour to Italia...with its classic Italian styles, specific authentic aromas, flavorful, handmade recipes passed down for more than four generations.

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