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Butcher's Corner Selections

USDA All-Natural Prime and Choice Beef
For flavorful and tender meat, you have to begin with premium quality, which is why AJ's Butcher's Corner carries only USDA All-Natural Prime and Choice Beef. Our beef is aged to perfection and trimmed to AJ's strict standards, and served fresh from AJ's full-service case, complete with any helpful preparation advice you may need. Each steak is individually selected by our customers, with the assistance of one of our expert personnel to assist in every decision, then each selection is hand-wrapped for freezing and storage. Great lengths are taken at the Butcher's Corner to offer you the freshest, highest-quality beef the industry has to offer. Daily deliveries are immediately transferred to climate-controlled coolers where AJ's experts monitor the temperature for proper aging and storage. Experience for yourself the most tender mouthwatering beef the globe has to offer right here in your own backyard.

AJ's USDA Prime and Choice beef is now even better! Our butchers are proud to introduce All-Natural Beef. Available at all AJ's locations, this is simply the most flavorful beef you can buy. AJ's beef is raised on an all-natural corn diet without the use of added hormones. Our USDA Prime and Choice meats have always been a cut above in quality and flavor, and now you can enjoy them without additives or artificial ingredients. Visit us today and taste the difference in delicious, all-natural beef - now at AJ's Fine Foods.

AJ's Fine Foods is one of the very few grocers in the world to offer All-Natural Choice, Prime and Dry Aged Beef. Our Beef is naturally corn and grain fed and has never been given growth hormones or steroids.

AJ'S is one of only a handful of retailers in the country to provide USDA prime cuts, a grade that applies to only 3% of all graded beef.
Natural, Choice and Prime, highest quality available

Dry Aged Beef
Dry aging is a high-quality technique used to create cuts of beef with outstanding flavor and texture that is coveted by chefs and serious cooks throughout the world. At AJ'S Fine Foods, we have developed a technique that compares to some of the finest in the world.

We begin with whole unwrapped cuts of USDA Prime Beef and place them in specially constructed storage lockers with three side windows so that the aging process can be observed by all. In this locker the beef is aged from 21 to 30 days. This locker's environment, from temperature and humidity to air circulation, lighting and cleanliness is strictly regulated to conform to AJ'S strict standards.

Over the duration of the dry aging process, the beef will lose up to 25% of its original weight. As it loses moisture, the flavor is allowed to develop, becoming richer and even more intense. At the same time, natural enzymes in the meat break down the muscle tissue, ensuring a tenderness that can't be replicated otherwise.

Dry aging beef requires very special care, time, and the best-quality USDA prime beef available. For this reason, you don't often see retailers taking the extra steps to offer it to their customers. We know our shoppers are committed not only to fine food, but the best in quality, so we believe they're worth the effort. AJ'S USDA prime dry aged beef is superb in taste, texture, and tenderness, and we urge our discerning customers to experience the difference dry aging makes.

American Style Kobe Beef
Until now the opportunity to experience the flavor and tenderness of American Style Kobe Beef has been reserved for the very elite and those who've ventured to the meat-producing regions of Japan. Today, the experience of American Kobe beef can be enjoyed right here at AJ's. This is literally "melt in your mouth tenderness" with unmatched flavor that can only be described as "wonderful"!

Enjoy "The Ultimate Burger" created from the best American cattle and traditional Wagyu genetics. This American Style Kobe Beef is raised in the hormone-free, all-natural American Kobe tradition, resulting in amazing flavor.

Prime Rib
Prime rib is by far the favorite cut for the holiday season. At AJ's, we reserve our Prime ribs months ahead of time to guarantee the best. These ribs are hand-selected by AJ's. We suggest reserving one of these mouthwatering holidays roasts today because they will not last long.

All-Natural Chicken
Treat yourself to our exclusive all-natural poultry. These chickens have no artificial ingredients or additives, yet they are tender, succulent, and full of flavor. Our birds are raised and processed by hand. No expense has been spared to ensure the utmost quality and freshness to our customers. Our expert butchers are happy to help you with recipes and serving suggestions.

No added hormones or steroids
Truly fresh, never frozen
No preservatives
No artificial ingredients
No added solutions like water and sea salt
Tested clear of any antibiotics
Rested meat for greater tenderness

Organic Turkey
AJ's fine foods provides you with the finest-quality naturally produced turkey and turkey products the industry has to offer. In keeping with our tradition of excellence, we offer Certified Organic Turkey that is sustainably farmed, range-grown, and fed only certified organic corn and soy. It's a wholesome, organic alternative and a great taste that you'll remember.

All-Natural Pork
This natural pork is produced with the best management practices following the strictest guidelines in the industry. It has no added hormones or antibiotics and is USDA Source Verified. The result is a pork product of outstanding consistency, flavor, and nutrition.

AJ's Policy on Humane Treatment of Animals
We require information from all fresh and frozen beef, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, and veal suppliers on their practices of animal welfare as well as a letter signed by the top executive of their company. If a company cannot supply us with appropriate information, and/or their practices are not humane, we discontinue business with that company. All letters from fresh and frozen meat suppliers are kept on file. We do business only with suppliers that are practicing good animal welfare. Simply put, the AJ's experience delights the senses. From custom cuts in the Butcher's Corner to expert advice in every department, come discover what distinguishes us from the rest and makes us more than a market.

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AJ's Butcher's Corner offers an incredible meat selection with the finest center cuts of USDA Prime, Choice and American Style Kobe Beef, along with preparation and serving advice from a staff of experienced experts.